The new WIP I started on August 26th is already at 18k words, and has a cover. I may have a cover addiction?

Here’s an excerpt from the new story

“The first day I came,” she said, speaking slowly, “you told me sthat the weapon wasn’t meant to kill Draven, but to save him.”

“Did I?” He looked interested. “I have no memory of it, you know.”

“You don’t have to remember it to know it is true,” she said. “Why did you say it? You said that is how Jalen meant it.”

“Some things are better to remain unknown,” he said. “Besides, as I said, nothing is set in stone. Whatever Jalen meant, you are your own person, and you can make your own choices. If you choose to use your powers to kill Draven, you still make Jalen’s words true.”

“But not if I walk away,” she said.

“As I said twice already, nothing is said in stone, not time, not Jalen’s words.”

“I can’t just walk away when Draven is still there,” she said.

He made no answer, only looked at her with his unfathomable eyes and that expression of curiosity on his face.

“Why did you say I was meant to save him?” she asked again.

“Don’t you know?” His voice was gentle, his tone chiding. “I never took you for someone who would lie to yourself.”

She was aware of the blood leaving her face. “I don’t,” She managed to croak, her voice almost failing her. “I couldn’t let myself think it when I was there, and I got used to that… but… it changes nothing. I hate him, and I want him dead.”

“You can hate him, and want him dead and still want to save him.” Shyontin said softly.

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