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I know I said I was planning to take things easy, but when have I ever done that? Lol. Now, I’ve finished Banished Secret as well, and I think it has turned out better than I thought.

Spaces of Silence is with my editor, and she is loving it so far. She said it has been a breeze so far, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my readers would feel the same. It is due to release on November 27th, but pre-order is already open.  Paperback is also available for pre-order.

Blue somehow made it to the third round of the cover competition. Goodness, I never thought Cover of the Month meant it was going to take the entire month!! Still, I’m happy it made it this far. The competition is getting tougher with only the top 24 covers making it through to the next round. Blue is at No.21 now, so every vote counts.

My depression has been pretty bad this week, and work has been more hectic than usual. I’ve even been avoiding my writing group for the last two days because I feel like I’m just depressing them all the time, and leaning on them all a bit too much.

Anyway, please vote for Blue.  The link is here

I’ve started a new WIP in the meantime because obviously I can’t be content with 18! So, now I’ve 19 again.

Shades of Spring is again taking interesting turns that I never expected, and I just want to finish the goddamn thing so I can find out how it will end. Joys of a pantser life!!

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