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Two weeks post retirement

These two weeks have been nothing less than amazing. I have stopped my anti depressants. It is not that I am okay, but without the stress of my job, I find I am able to manage much better. Grief isn’t something that leaves in a day, and even if there are days when I just break down, it isn’t followed by suicidal thoughts as it once had been.

I have not been as productive as I would have liked, but I still finished a 85k client edits as well as the rewrite of Wizard, the final edits of Life Remains and the first edits of Wizard’s Debt.

I still have goals to finish the first edits of Fiery Magic as well as Memories of Forgotten Waves this month, but judging by the way things have been going, it’s not impossible.

Sleep has been a sufferer, or maybe not in that sense. I have been sleeping mostly during days and staying up all night. I aim to change that, but so far, nothing has worked.

I have also finished reading the online translation of the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and also finished watching The Untamed. It is no exaggeration to say my heart has been ripped out by both the book and the show.

I have also been making aesthetics for fun.

Now, if I could get enough editing jobs to keep my head above water, I would be completely content with life.

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