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Lead up to Onam

Onam has not been fun for me for almost 20 years. Every year, this festival that I once looked forward to and loved, has turned into a social obligation that I had to power through. It has been triggering too many traumas, and no wonder, that this week has been more unsettling than ever.

I did what I do best when faced with something like this. Spend money I don’t have on covers.

I have also been doing my edits, and have finished the edits of Fiery Magic. Here’s a fun aesthetic I made for it.

I have also started on the edits of both Bleeding Gold as well as Memories of Forgotten Waves. Both are going well. I love how much depth the additional scenes of Bleeding Gold has added to the story. Memories also looks well. I hope everyone doesn’t end up hating Aderin and Ellwood.

Here’s an old aesthetic I made for Bleeding Gold

I have to get beta readers for Wizard’s Debt, Fiery Gold and Memories, but I’m in no hurry. From experience, I know that getting one or two good people is better than having scores of awful ones.

The next two days are going to be pretty traumatic, with a lot of PTSD, and I wish I could just avoid living during this time of the year. My anxiety is already spiking, and I’m planning to write a lot, and just stay inside my room.

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