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New Developments

I have been absent a bit, but it has been a ride lately. We went to my sister’s place on August 24th and returned on 25th. On 28th morning, she called us to inform that her youngest has been diagnosed with Covid. He’s turning seven this October, and needless to say, we are all still worried. There are no complications so far, but he’s still having fever, and difficulty eating. We’re all in home quarantine as well. My sister has a cold as well, and she got tested today as did we all. Awaiting results, but the delay itself is a positive thing. There’s also the fact that me, hubby and mom were all fully vaccinated. My daughter is yet to be vaccinated, but I think she’s okay.

A couple of my son’s friends visited my home today, despite the quarantine. They are moving to other cities and have applied in colleges there. I broke down crying immediately after they had left, and am still feeling a bit raw. Unfortunately, grief has no expiry date, and healing is not a linear process.

There are some big changes coming for me. For one, I will be writing under three names from now on. All my mythology based books will be under the Geetha Krishnan name, all fantasy and Sci Fi will be under the Niranjan name, and everything else including poetry will be under Rari Rajesh. I have also unpublished all my earlier works from KDP as a prelude to relaunch them with new covers and all, widely.

In the meantime, I had run a book promotion, and Elitist has been showing some healthy sales the last two days. I have also joined a few group promos in Book Funnel, and I hope you all go and take a look at them. There are some amazing books there, and some great authors.

I will also be sharing these in my newsletter, and I am also planning on having some short stories to be offered free to my newsletter subscribers, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, this might be a good time.

The first group promo is the LGBT Paranormal and Fantasy Book Fair. Apart from my book, There’s Always a Morning, it features some very talented authors like Ryan Rodriguez whose featured book was edited by yours truly.

The second group promo is Vampire Book Fair and it ends on 30th September, so you only have a limited time to check out all these great titles.

The third group promo is Best of Fantasy and it runs from September 1st to 30th, and Deathless Ones will be part of this promo.

Deathless Ones will also be available at 99 ¢ from September 1st to 15th and There’s Always a Morning will be available at 99 ¢ from September 16th to 30th. So, if you’re thinking of snagging either of those titles, save these dates. I will not be running promotions on either of these books for a while now.

I hope you’re all staying safe.

Don’t forget to check out the new End of the Rainbow title which is now available for pre-order in the Books tab.


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