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Ayana is being relaunched on December 15th, and I am so so excited to show off the new cover

Here’s a teaser for you all



For those in the know, Pradyutita skyrocketed up the rankings recently, and had Orange Tags in all its categories in all English speaking Amazon stores. It is also permafree now across all Amazon stores

Don’t forget that the Best of Fantasy is still going on. Deathless Ones is featured, and is still at 99 ¢, but the price will be available only till the 15th, so now is the time to get a copy.

Both Vampire Book Fair and the LGBT Paranormal/Fantasy Book promos feature There’s Always a Morning which will have a price drop from 16th to 30th, so this is the best time to grab that one as well.

In addition, this promo is only for a month and it features free books, and this one gives you a chance to win an amazon gift card. Once again it’s all free books.

Okay, I am so impatient, so here’s another sneak peek at the new cover

Don’t forget that you can pre-order Ayana here and here

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