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Cover Reveal Teaser 3

Are you excited? I am!!!

Here is the final teaser. The full cover will be posted later today. It will be up in the sites after this weekend.

So, here’s the next part of the teaser!

The editing of Durga is completed. Now I am on to editing Karna, and it is going to be a rewrite of many parts, and there will be additions. I have taken out all the Karna related stories from the Mahabharata story book, and have added it here. Which means the short story book will be slimmer, while the Karna novel will be longer. I might even combine With One Swift Stroke in this one. Haven’t yet decided on that, but I like the idea of having all my Karna related content other than full novels in one place.

For those of you who doesn’t know who Karna is, his real name is Vasushena and he is also the protagonist of Pradyutita. If you go looking for him, I suggest you don’t believe everything you read in the net. I wrote these books at the height of my mytho craze after the 2013 Mahabharata show came out, which by the way, is horrible except for Aham Sharma who played Karna and Saurabh Raj Jain who played Krishna. There is no end to the research I did after I conceived of the idea of writing Pradyutita, and that changed my entire view of the epic, and of my favourite character, Karna (Favouritest, actually). With One Swift Stroke and Pradyutita reflects that view, whereas the old Karna book was born from another place, a place I no longer have in myself. Which is why many parts of the book had to ruthlessly cut away, and others rewritten, so that the book represents  what I believe now rather than my past points of view.

This changed view will present a problem when I start editing Dharmasamsthapanarthaya. I don’t want to rewrite the whole of it, so I may leave it mostly intact.

Karna is available for pre-order from amazon and wide now. The final section is going to be lots of fun.

There will be a lot of cover reveal posts for that one as well.

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