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Updates and announcements

Ayana, Karna and Bleeding Gold are available for pre-order right now. You can check the books tab for the pre-order links.

The 99 ¢ offer on Deathless Ones is expiring today, so this is quite literally the last chance to get your copy at this price.

Life Remains is releasing tomorrow! I am so excited. It is also my husband’s birthday, so I’m twice as excited!

There’s Always a Morning will be available at 99 ¢ till the end of this month starting tomorrow.

If any of you have pre-ordered Life Remains or Bleeding Gold, please DM me in twitter with details so I can send you the pre-order goodies.

There’s going to be giveaway in November for the subscribers of my newsletter. It is being put together in Book Funnel by the SPSFC contestants, but my existing subscribers will be getting it in their mailbox regardless.

Bleeding Gold is also available in the Book funnel Pre-order promo. If you like fantasy books, you should definitely check out this list.

Insomnia has been hitting hard of late, but the good news is the edits for Karna is done, and those for Ayana is halfway through. The Knight rewrite is at 32k words. I have also started applying beta notes to both Out of the Blue as well as Magical Mayhem.

I have a hectic publication schedule right now, and in 2022 as well, but there will be maps in the New Ayana as well as in the relaunched MB books, Durga and the remaining books of Jaya.

There will be a map in Karna as well.

In other news, I finished reading the Guardian by Priest and also finished watching the show, and I’m like WHYYYY? The book has a happy ending, why does the show feel the need to rip out my heart and stomp on it? WHYYY?

The book is incredible. I find myself re reading parts of it.

I also finished Jack of Thorns and Silver in the Wood, both of which are enjoyable reads. I think maybe 90% of the books in my GR Reading challenge this year is LGBT books.

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