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Cover Reveal Teaser 1

The incredible Nola Song has once again worked her magic, exceeding all my expectations! Karna has a new cover!! For those who have read Pradyutita, Karna is the popular name of the main character of the book. Pradyutita is an attempt to retell the epic from an entirely different angle based on many sources while Karna is, in fanfic terms, more canon compliant. There may be those who don’t agree, but then everyone is free to their own opinions.

So, here’s the first teaser of that beautiful cover that I can’t wait to show off!!

Karna is a series of novellas, each dealing with the great warrior, some based on folk tales, some taken from the epic, and the last few, just my own wild imagination. It is still, a book that is close to my heart, and will always be. Karna was the first fictional character ever to capture my imagination when I hardly knew how to even read.

The book is available for pre-order here and here

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