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Random Thoughts

I’ve been writing steadily this month, and editing too. I finished A Fading Refrain as well as Heart of a Hero, and have finally started on Prajwalita. As you may recall, it was meant to be my nano project for 2020, but that didn’t go the way I planned it. It got to some 4k words when I realised it wasn’t working, and stopped, switching projects.

Now, it seems as if I’m ready for this project. I mean to publish it in 2022, and that means I need to write it first. This time, the words have been flowing, and I am enjoying it again. This is going to be larger than Pradyutita, I think. Or it may become two books. I don’t know yet. All I know is words are flowing, and we haven’t even got to the meat of the story yet.

I have also been playing around with a new site and creating memes for the characters from Elitist mostly. It has been tremendous fun, and for those familiar with the series so far, it would be an enjoyable pastime to read these.

I’m just putting a few here since I so enjoyed making them

In other news, Magical Mayhem has been accepted for a BookBub new release deal. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is a success!! Don’t forget that you can preorder it here!

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