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Just some thoughts

I’ve been staring at my screen for a while now, and not writing anything. It’s not a good feeling, lol. For some reason, my brain has decided that my writing time is once the sun has set. While I don’t mind that, I miss being able to write whenever I can.

I am continuing with my meds, and I think everything has levelled out at this stage, and I’m feeling more even these days, balanced. It’s not that there aren’t bad days; there are, and they are as bad as can be, but I’m able to ride them out. Even if I’m utterly depressed, I’m still able to write and do my chores, and that’s really progress for me.

There are days when I just want to stay in my couch all day, but I am able to deal with those kind of days better.

Also, someone called Durga dark fantasy as well as fast paced and brutal, and that is making me reassess my own writing, because those are not the words I would have used to describe Durga. Now I am wondering if I’ve become so desensitised to dark and brutal stuff in literature that I can’t recognise them in my own writing.

I am working on some 11 WIPs plus the editing of Aujjwallya as well as the edit/ rewrite of Stolen From a Dream. I’m enjoying how everything is coming along. Stolen from a Dream is going to be epic. I can already feel it.

Endless lives is at a turning point. I still don’t have anything resembling a plot, but I’m having fun with it. The same with all the others I’m writing at present. The Quest of Foes is getting cute and The Power of Loss is becoming extremely complicated, lol. I’m already looking forward to finishing and editing all of them. Where Shadows Bleed has also taken an interesting twist and I’m so eager to know what comes next.

I always think I’ll not ignore my blog, but in the end, I don’t seem to be able to find the time for it. Hoping this time will be different, lol.

I finished nanowrimo yesterday. This year there’s no double nano, but I do hope to get some writing done.

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