An author and editor, Niranjan’s biggest ambition is to have a character named Garth in every book they write. They write fantasy and Sci Fi under the name of Niranjan, Hindu mythology based fantasy under the name of Geetha Krishnan, and other works under the name of Rari Rajesh. 


About Niranjan

Niranjan writes books rooted in mythical worlds, and their stories are often a combination of magic and futuristic technology. Be it vampires or dragons, mermaids or werewolves, gods or monsters, Niranjan’s magical creatures are different from the norm, and never fails to win the reader’s attention. Their Sci Fi saga of the Elite and the Rogues is a marvellous addition to dystopian Sci Fi whereas Deathless Ones captures the reader’s heart in the genre of epic fantasy. Niranjan is an advocate of LGBT+ representation in fiction as also exploration of worlds different from ours, and it is reflected in their books.

About Geetha Krishnan

Geetha Krishnan writes books derived from the rich and vast spectrum of Indian mythology. A practising Hindu, their books show their deep knowledge of the religion and customs of ancient India. Their books have won many accolades and have been universally praised for the twists they bring to their retellings.

Their books Ayana and Pradyutita have made it to the semi finals of SPFBO 2019 and 2020 respectively, and their short story, The Forgotten Son has won an Honourable Mention in The Writers of the Future Contest.

About Rari Rajesh

Rari Rajesh is a poet and writer. They write mysteries and thrillers with the odd mix of literary fiction thrown in. They enjoy reading and reviewing books, but spends more time on Netflix than in being productive. The themes of their poetry are universal and relatable, while the characters in their books are memorable, reflecting their own desire for a world where people are not judged for what they are.


They are also a freelance editor (Fair Editions) and reviewer (Rari Reviews).

You may get in touch with them at any of their social media.

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