The First Week of February

January went by rather fast. I mean, it seems like yesterday that 2020 ended and the new year began. Today has been strange. It is the 14th anniversary of my dad’s death, and yesterday I kept thinking I heard his voice. Sleep was bad, and the whole day was basically a haze. I didn’t really think I would get around to writing this, but it’s a habit I don’t want to break. I’ve precious few left.

I joined a book club for fantasy readers last week, and we’ve picked Priory of the Orange Tree for our February read. I’ve been enjoying it, but not been able to make as much progress as I’d like. I guess age and exhaustion does affect us more than we like to think.

I’m planning to finish Curse of Souls, Out of the Blue and Wizard’s Debt this month, but it all depends on how the month goes. Some months the energy levels are just not there, and this looks like one of them.

I also signed up for beta reading an epic fantasy book, and it has also been quite a rewarding experience. I will be certain to write more of it once it is released as a book. It is an amazing read is all I can say at the moment.

I’m getting more and more excited as the release date of There’s Always a Morning looms near. If you haven’t already, do pre-order your copies here!!


Cover Contest

After a week of Covid scare, I am back relieved that I was tested negative. That isn’t all the good news. Blue has been nominated for the Cover of the Month contest on All Author.

They say not to judge a book by its cover but I need you to do just that. If you liked the cover of my book, Blue, please vote for it for the Cover of the Month contest on AllAuthor.com!

I’m getting closer to clinch the “Cover of the Month” contest on AllAuthor! I’d need as much support from you guys. Please take a short moment to vote for my book cover here:
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