Details of Works in Progress

The fourth and final book of the Jaya! series, Astamite is currently at 25k words, and encompasses the period from the Pandavas’ exile to the great war, with a planned epilogue that winds everything up.

The first book of a new series titled The Echelon, Blade Broken is at present at 42k words. It deals with personal relationships, hard choices, and political ramifications when the individuals who make decisions are placed high in the echelon of the Kingdom of Castrial. This is a tale of friendship, of broken bonds, trusts, and rebuilding of personal and political relationships. It is planned to be a trilogy.

Another new series titled The Broken Land, the Book The Fallen Kingdom is the first book. Presently standing at 22k, this is a tale about empire building and breaking, of conspiracies and rebellions, of displaced Kings and fallen kingdoms. This is also planned as a trilogy.