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April is Camp Nano

I did finish Wizard’s Debt in March. I have too many things to do in April, but I am hopeful that work being less stressful would help with that.

I also signed up for Camp nano. At this point, most of my nano projects are titled Miscellaneous. Which works since I never seem to be able to stick to one project.

The daily accountability of Camp helps a lot to keep me on track. I’m thinking I could continue to create projects in nano site and carry on with the process even when camp is over.

I am watching Hannibal. Binged most of the first season yesterday and I’m completely hooked. I ship Hannigram so much!!

Taking two days off work has helped me relax a lot. It is also helping me with writing. The writing targets don’t intimidate me as much as the editing and the applying beta notes and all that part.

Many people in my life, people I personally don’t even know, have supported my decision to quit the job to be a full time writer. For some reason, it has brought all my imposter syndrome to the fore. I feel like I need some external validation of my writing from people who have actually read my books.

Hopefully, this will pass in a few days.

Till then, I’ll just keep writing and even if it is trash, it is still my trash.


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After Nano, what?

Nano this month hasn’t gone as expected. I did get to my 50k on the 15th, but I’m back again to multiple projects. I started one more WIP which is at 10k words now, and I also started editing The Banished Secret.

Writing and reading has been the only two things that has kept me going this month. With all the covid scares, added responsibilities at work due to all the bosses testing positive, and with my main nano project fizzling out, this has been a weird month.

Just a reminder that Spaces of Silence is releasing on the 27th. Don’t forget that you can pre-order copies!!

I have been a zombie this week, pushing myself off bed and going to work and crashing as soon as I got home. It doesn’t help that my working week has been crazy hours with some days almost going up to 12 hours.

Can’t wait for the weekend so I can sleep till noon.

On a side note, the last episode of Supernatural absolutely destroyed me. Now, I’m eating ice cream and reading Destiel fanfics.

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Another week of quarantine

My boss tested positive with Covid on Sunday, and everyone of us had to be in quarantine. Anxiety is no longer a fuel to my creativity, mostly because I’m so fucking tired all the time now. It’s like I’m brain dead, and nothing gives me the same kind of joy any more.

For all that I got in a lot of words in the three days I was in quarantine. Wednesday we all got tested, and 5 of my colleagues tested positive, but fortunately, I tested negative.

I also finished another WIP, a very short novella with vampires and werewolves and magic, and of course, gay MCs. It’s been a good year for finishing books. I think I must have finished at least 15, if not more. including short stories and novellas.

Nano is going on, not as well as I expected, but well enough. I’m at 41k words, and hoping I’ll be able to finish this weekend so I can relax the rest of the month. Okay, maybe not relax, but you know, maybe don’t push myself to exhaustion?

I finished the first round of edits of Flame of the Dragon’s Oath as well as Set in Stone, both of which needed less work than I’d expected. Set in Stone still gives me misgivings now that I’m away from it again, lol. Both are ready for betas, but I really want to get betas for Fractured Alliances and Changes in the Wind first.

I started a new WIP again, but frankly, I don’t feel any of my WIPs right now. I hope I’ll muster up the words to finish nano, but after that I’ll be focusing on applying the beta notes to Stolen from a Dream, and editing Rage of the Gods so it can be made beta ready,


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Of Nanowrimo and other things

Unlike in previous years, I had a project all lined up for Nanowrimo this year. I had decided on it as early as July. I was finally going to start writing the second book of my Jaya! series, which is a retelling of the Hindu epic of Mahabharata with a twist. I was encouraged to do this by the response received for Prdayutita, the first book of the series in SPFBO 2020 where it was selected as one of the semi finalists.

I hadn’t read the Mahabharata in forever, and despite my love of the epic, and for Karna who is the central character of most of my mythology based books including Jaya!, I haven’t been feeling the same enthusiasm for the epic as I once did. Yet, I was excited to write it. The first draft of Prajwalita was going to be churned out during nano, and I started off well, writing the first 1k words in less than an hour.

And then I hit a snag, or rather my brain did. I am so used to working on multiple projects by now, that it seems my brain can’t really focus on one project alone. So, now I have Prajwalita, another WIP about aliens and magic that I started on Nov 1st, my vampire werewolf WIP as well as Clouds from the Past, a paranormal fantasy.

Let’s not forget that I also thought I should get around to doing the first edits of Flame of the Dragon’s Oath as well as Set in Stone, and they are both looking way better than I thought at the time of finishing them. The writing is good and engaging, and there are a few plot and world building issues that I’m fixing as I edit.

I have also been obsessively following news on the US elections. For a non American who lives in India, I have really been way too invested in those results, but I have friends over there whose well being and very lives depend on these results and I desperately need to find a reason to have faith in humanity.

I lost most of it today after the latest Supernatural episode, of course. I really want to yell at the showrunners, but anxiety brain is far too depressed for the effort.

I’m still on top of my nano goals and have crossed 15k words in five days. I’m planning to get to 20k this weekend.

Supernatural better do something before I start writing fanfictions, though.

Here’s the cool badge I got for Pradyutita which can be puchased here

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Rev Pit 10 Queries

I’ve been on twitter all evening, biting my nails and trying to figure out which of the 10 queries is mine. Pretty sure it’s every adult fantasy that needs the most work.

I submitted Changes in the Wind for the 10 queries. I’m beginning to wish I had submitted something else now, but I’m certain I would feel the same way, no matter what I submitted.

Everything seems to be moving too fast right now, and it’s almost Nanowrimo, and I’m nowhere ready. I’m going to try, however.

I finished Shades of Spring, and it ends in a cliffhanger. The second book is going to be a joy to write, but I have a fat lot of editing to do before I can start thinking of writing any more.

I’m currently working on the sequel to Blue, and I love how the world and the characters are shaping up. Provided it stays as short as the first one, I’ll have it finished by December.

I’m still not able to figure out which of the 10 queries is mine. It could well be over, I may be losing sleep on twitter for nothing, but I can’t seem to tear myself away.

Here’s an excerpt from Changes in the Wind

The spell ended so suddenly, it nearly left Gavril disoriented. He was aware he was gaping, but he could not help it. The face was familiar, and yet there were subtle differences from the portraits. In every portrait he had seen, the emperor Zathrian had been smiling, his eyes warm, his features soft. The man who stood before him had harsh features, and eyes that were as cold as a winter night, though right now with a true smile in them, and a warmth there. They were a steely grey, unlike the brown the spell had turned them into. His hair was black and grew in waves from a widow’s peak.

Your majesty,” he scrambled to stand and bow.

The emperor inclined his head. “Please. In here, I’m just another scholar.”

Gavril doubted that. The emperor’s eyes flickered to the desk and to the butterflies that danced on it. His expression changed for a moment, but it was gone so quickly Gavril wondered if he had imagined it.

Do you have nature magic, Gavril?”

The question was innocuous, and yet Gavril felt something behind it. He wasn’t surprised the emperor knew his name, and he shook his head. At least he wasn’t lying about this one. He still had the feeling that there was something he was not seeing here.

No, your majesty.”

Zathrian,” the emperor said calmly as he stepped towards the desk and held out his hand. Gavril watched as the butterflies hopped on to his palm. The emperor turned to look at him, a small smile gracing his lips. “You do know my name, don’t you?”

I… yes, of course, your.. I mean, Za.-Zathrian,”

Gavril hadn’t meant to stammer or stumble over the name, and he was aware of his face burning. The emperor didn’t seem upset though, nodding at him pleasantly.

It is unusual for someone without nature magic to attract them as you seemed to have done.”

Does that mean you have nature magic?” Gavril gestured towards the way the butterflies were positively swarming around Zathrian’s wrist.

Zathrian shrugged, “You could say that.”

I thought it was some spell that kept them in the garden,” Gavril said. “And they must have come in because the window was open and it was warmer inside.”

Zathrian merely looked curious. “There’s no spell on the gardens as far as I know,” he leaned back against the desk, looking at him contemplatively. “You intrigue me, Gavril.”

Gavril felt something stir inside at the softly spoken words. Zathrian’s eyes were speculative, and his words matter of fact and it shouldn’t have had warning bells ringing in his head. He wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, though. Zathrian’s gaze was magnetic, and Gavril couldn’t keep his eyes away from his.

Why?” he whispered. “I’m nobody,”

I very much doubt that,” Zathrian hadn’t moved, and neither had Gavril, but it suddenly seemed to Gavril that they were too close. The room didn’t seem to have enough air to breathe and his heart was pounding within his chest.

Zathrian,” Keres said from behind Gavril, causing him to whip around. He could breathe again, and he was surprised at how clammy his skin was now. She stood with her arms crossed across her chest, a frown on her face and sounding a bit acerbic. “Is there a reason you’re here, scaring my scholars?”

Gavril couldn’t believe someone would actually talk to the emperor like this, but Zathrian didn’t seem offended.

Ah, Keres,” Zathrian smiled, though it didn’t reach his eyes, which held wariness. “As charming as ever, I see.” Gavril half turned to see him straighten away from the desk and move towards the door, pausing when he reached Gavril’s side. “Am I scaring you, Gavril?”

Keres huffed in annoyance, but Gavril’s gaze was caught in the steel trap of the emperor’s eyes, and he again felt that strange sense of breathlessness.

No, your majesty,” he said, reluctant to call the man by name now that they had an audience.

A smile rose to the eyes, and the lips, as if Zathrian could tell why he had reverted to formality. He looked at Keres.

See, Keres? Your scholar isn’t scared of me.”

Keres said nothing, just lifted an eyebrow and Zathrian laughed.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m going.” He smiled at Gavril again, holding out his hand. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Gavril.”

Gavril took the outstretched arm without thinking.

It’s been my honour, your majesty.”