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Stress and Relaxation

My birthday was this week, and somehow, it’s been quite stressful and depressing for me for the last couple of years. It was no different this year, of course.

Yesterday, stress of another nature occurred with an intruder who wanted some money and wouldn’t leave till after I threatened to hit him with my slippers.

Yet, I have been finding some relaxation too, with reading mainly and watching shows. I finished the Simon Snow series, and absolutely loved them. I would highly recommend those books to anyone.

I also watched The Tale of the Nine Tailed on Netflix, and that show just left me wrecked. I was initially like, Gods, everyone is so pretty, it should be illegal, but ended the show, bawling my eyes out. If you enjoy fantasy, and angst and friendship and found family, and romance, it is a great show to watch.

I’ve started the Guardian, another Korean fantasy drama, and so far it has been sad and hilarious at the same time.

In case you’ve forgotten, Whispers in the Dark is releasing on the 27th, and you should definitely pre-order your copies today here.

I’m going to likely binge the Guardian like I did Nine Tailed. (sigh). What do I do with life afterwards is the main question.

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Back after a long break

I hadn’t intended to take a break, but work got so crazy. I could hardly write two or three sentences a day afterwards. Most days in June, I got home after 9 or 10 in the night, so exhausted I was keeling over.

Fortunately, all that is at an end now.

My resignation has been accepted, and I will be leaving the bank on 31st July. I am taking 4 days in a week off during this month, and it took me five full days to get to a place where my brain stopped feeling like it was stuffed full of cotton and for my body to feel somewhat normal.

I managed to finish adding additional scenes to Bleeding Gold and started on the rewrites of the Wizard. It is going well so far. I’m not planning on doing anything other than the rewrites during July. The plans are to catch up on all my editing in August, and then start working on my WIPs.

Both Banished Secret and Curse of Souls are with betas now, and I’m feeling rather relieved that it is done. Out of the Blue is still with betas, but hopefully, I will have it back soon.

I still need to add beta notes to Colliding Forces, Magical Mayhem and the last three books of the Elite and the Rogues. Time enough for that I suppose. I have all of that firmly inside the AFTER JULY Bucket.

Don’t forget that Rise of the Resistance is due to release on the 20th.

Pre-orders can be made here

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After Nano, what?

Nano this month hasn’t gone as expected. I did get to my 50k on the 15th, but I’m back again to multiple projects. I started one more WIP which is at 10k words now, and I also started editing The Banished Secret.

Writing and reading has been the only two things that has kept me going this month. With all the covid scares, added responsibilities at work due to all the bosses testing positive, and with my main nano project fizzling out, this has been a weird month.

Just a reminder that Spaces of Silence is releasing on the 27th. Don’t forget that you can pre-order copies!!

I have been a zombie this week, pushing myself off bed and going to work and crashing as soon as I got home. It doesn’t help that my working week has been crazy hours with some days almost going up to 12 hours.

Can’t wait for the weekend so I can sleep till noon.

On a side note, the last episode of Supernatural absolutely destroyed me. Now, I’m eating ice cream and reading Destiel fanfics.

New Release

New Releases

Deathless Ones is due to release on September 16. Don’t forget that it is already available for pre-order from a lot of different sites. Unfortunately, amazon doesn’t allow for pre-order for books not published through them. But you can still get your pre-order in Apple, Kobo and lots of other sites

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