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Back after a long break

I hadn’t intended to take a break, but work got so crazy. I could hardly write two or three sentences a day afterwards. Most days in June, I got home after 9 or 10 in the night, so exhausted I was keeling over.

Fortunately, all that is at an end now.

My resignation has been accepted, and I will be leaving the bank on 31st July. I am taking 4 days in a week off during this month, and it took me five full days to get to a place where my brain stopped feeling like it was stuffed full of cotton and for my body to feel somewhat normal.

I managed to finish adding additional scenes to Bleeding Gold and started on the rewrites of the Wizard. It is going well so far. I’m not planning on doing anything other than the rewrites during July. The plans are to catch up on all my editing in August, and then start working on my WIPs.

Both Banished Secret and Curse of Souls are with betas now, and I’m feeling rather relieved that it is done. Out of the Blue is still with betas, but hopefully, I will have it back soon.

I still need to add beta notes to Colliding Forces, Magical Mayhem and the last three books of the Elite and the Rogues. Time enough for that I suppose. I have all of that firmly inside the AFTER JULY Bucket.

Don’t forget that Rise of the Resistance is due to release on the 20th.

Pre-orders can be made here

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More Editing and a Video Trailer

I finished editing Bleeding Gold and also the first draft of Memories of Forgotten Waves. I know it needs a lot of work, but at least the first draft is done now. I also started the first round of edits on Colliding Forces and The Soul of Magic. Colliding Forces don’t need as much work, but Soul of Magic needs a lot of rewrites.

I am also writing Magical Mayhem in the meantime, and also started on a new WIP. I’m not sure just how much I’ll get done this month, but as on last reckoning, I still need to write almost 35k words this month.

I was not able to sleep one of these nights and so I made a Video Trailer for There’s Always a Morning.


Video Trailer

New Release, Random

Random Stuff

Set in Stone is chugging along well, and Spaces of Silence is with the editor, and is due to release on November 27th.

Spaces is one of those dream projects which turned out entirely different from how I envisaged it, but I’m still happy with how it turned out. As novellas go, it is definitely worth a read!!

You can pre-order your e book here